The activities of our team are currently divided into the following areas:

  • Space and utilization concepts: Securing existing qualities and making them experienceable for stakeholders and visitors: Sustainable, circular, inspired by nature.
  • CAMPsurfing on tour: Experience worlds as a tour special and touristic, informative and experience-based elements coupled with visitor guidance.
  • Outdoor bases & exceptional accommodations: Nature connection, outdoor getaway & quality of life: NIDUS-SML with view, rest and shelter/shelter function in nature. From hiking trails to adventure and nature trails.
  • Mediation & experience workshops from the practice Dr. Wald with 'KITA/KINDER (0 -12 years) in motion'. Nordic forest bathing with children. Man & nature. Holistic development support.


What moves us?

  • Prevention, personal responsibility, longevity and a healthy lifestyle for a better quality of life for guests & residents, for all ages.
  • freiRAUM coupled with outdoor elements, exceptional accommodations and more SPACE for nature in our lives.
  • Recognize local potentials, unfold them and develop them sustainably for actors in spatial and utilization concepts. Regionality & Genius Loci
  • Storytelling, making the 'hidden gems' of a region or place visible and tangible for increased awareness 
  • Exchange, linkage and cooperation: economic communities as local drivers
  • Minimalism & Community & Authenticity