We are a planning and design company for space and utilization concepts. Our range of services is aimed in particular at interested parties who are active in the field of outdoor well-being experience and preventive health tourism, or who want to become one. A special trademark of CAMPsurfing GmbH is the combination of a strategic, prudent, as well as pragmatic approach to the experience of nature, well-being and recreation.

Every goal is different... and what can we do for you/you?

Be it as part of a regional development of rural areas or destination or location or space and concept development. With CAMPsurfing GmbH, we have the opportunity as a German-Danish network team to share our know-how and craftsmanship accumulated over many years, to implement projects and set impulses that positively influence leisure, everyday life and our interaction with nature. 

The aim of CAMPsurfing is to use our projects to re-inspire, expand, make visible and experience-able the understanding of nature, environment and health - throughout all seasons! We bundle and connect existing studies and projects on health literacy, act as catalysts and promote cooperation between stakeholders in society for holidays, health and well-being. Needs and demand change over time, which means that we also have to be dynamic and flexible in order to react and act without losing sight of the goal and the core of the projects. 

The holistic and sustainable experience of the contents of Nordic Thalasso and Nordic Forest Bathing plays a central role. The core of these concepts is Nordic nature and its positive effects with a broad impact and preventive effect on our health. The connection between the physical place, its diverse resources and the people who belong to a place make precisely this place special and the "spirit of the place". At the same time, it is essential for us to protect this precious and fragile foundation. The current situation has made many of us go on pilgrimages to nature - it is important to bring nature into play in a mindful way without putting it at risk!

Many elements of our approach have parallels with the culinary arts, where the success of a dish depends on the ingredients, the approach, the ambience, the timing and the service. Every detail emerges from the particular recipe, the common thread for that very dish. Thus, each project as a "dish" is the result of preparation, ingredients, preparation and the corresponding service, or like the interplay of instruments in music.


We are a German-Danish team, both born in the north and examples of the "typical Nordic way". Since 2001, we have been developing tourism, architecture and experience projects together and are concerned with sustainability, a careful use of resources and the special position of nature with and for us humans. Within the framework of Nordic Thalasso and Nordic Forest Bathing, we work on making the contents of the Nordic concepts tangible.

We have been involved in outdoor tourism since 2005 and have been actively involved in European congresses on the theme of healing forests and thalasso. A milestone for us was the European Congress (ESPA) in 2014 with participants from 26 European countries, where the topics of Nordic Thalasso and forest education were a focus.


Reiner J. W. Wieben
Managing Director

Currently in the home office in the ideas workshop: Klovtoftvej 32, 6230 Rødekro, Denmark. Phone: + 49 162 2599026 or +45 23363626
Reiner is a private citizen and works as a health expert in freiRaum, a field of action for the development of soft tourism, on an experience-based economy with a focus on rural areas. He grew up in Schleswig-Holstein and originally comes from the field of spa medicine. After his state examination, he has worked in his own spa businesses in Germany /Denmark during his 35 years as a physiotherapist in Germany & natural medicine practitioner in Denmark. From 1994 (after an accident at work) he has worked as a project developer with the then PM Group Hamburg in the field of health tourism ( Villa Vitale )and he has been working in the field of health tourism since 2002. Since 2002 he has been active in cross-border tourism with the development and implementation of vacation resorts, hotels and leisure facilities in Germany and Denmark. In 2008 he became a board member of the European Spas Association (EHV) in Brussels and is the representative of the Danish EHV organization.
March 2021 R.W became section leader for nature, environment and health in NaturFreunde-sh e.V. Klovtoft Kurklinik & Barfußpark is the starting point of his ideas and concept work and at the same time the common idea workshop in Denmark.

Susanne M. Dethlefsen
Managing Director

Currently in home office: Vienna, Austria or Emmerlev, Denmark. Phone: +43 6642140944
As an architect at freiRaum, Susanne is primarily involved in the development and implementation of utilization and spatial concepts. Born, raised and educated in Denmark (at the Aarhus School of Architecture), she is a self-employed architect and partner of enster, an architectural practice focusing on mediation and circular planning and architecture. She also supports the architectural practice Arkkon arkitekter ApS in Denmark in the areas of sustainability, concept development and design, and is a founding member of a platform for resource-efficient and circular building culture. She is klima-aktiv* audited and has more than 25 years of professional experience from different projects related to architecture, interior design, space and project development. The Nordic understanding of culture and design forms the basis of her design approach and international experience results in a broad background. Recognizing, using and promoting potentials is close to her heart, as well as the responsible use of our nature and limited resources.